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Teases of future content

September 22

The Amazing Eternals had its first developer livestream today, and a few interesting tidbits were revealed! If you're interested in seeing for yourself, you can catch a repeat of the video here.

First up: The next eternal has been revealed as Worp! This dimension traveller specialises in supporting his allies from afar, attaching twerps to them which confer buffs such as increased movement speed.

Secondly, the next map was teased: Ray's colony base! This as-yet untitled map is still in development, but here's concept art and an early pre-art asset version of the map so far:

Finally, a new future skin for Ray was unveiled, though we don't yet know when it'll arrive or how much it'll cost. Looks pretty sweet, though:

Niia out now

September 13

In keeping with the western theme of new map Odona, huntress Niia is now available to unlock and play!

Niia is a long range sniper hero who specialises in area control and denial. When not firing her bow and rifles from afar, she can set traps to damage, mark or knockback enemies who get too close.

Haunt, her shift ability, is a powerful one — an enemy marked by it becomes visible through walls to her entire team for a short time. This length can be extended by cards, and can be modified to increase incoming damage to haunted targets.

See you on the battlefield, champions!

New map: Odona!

September 7

Giddy up -- the wild west sprawl of Odona has now been added to the map rotation!

While Odona is Niia's home, she's not quite ready for release yet; we're hoping to have her back in play very soon.

Oh, and by the way: Guide ratings are now a thing. Go forth, and vote for your fave builds. The highest scoring ones will be displayed more prominently, including on the dedicated pages for each eternal.

Closed Beta key giveaway!

September 1

We're working together with gaming reviews site GameCynic to offer a fantastic 1,750 key giveaway!

If you have friends waiting for their chance to dive in to playing The Amazing Eternals with you, then all they have to do is follow us both on Twitter and bam -- instant key.


The Amazing Eternals Closed Beta Key Giveaway

The Amazing Eternals closed beta has begun!

August 29

As of August 29, The Amazing Eternals has moved forward into closed beta and the game's NDA has dropped, meaning we can go live and reveal all the juicy information about the game!

We're aiming to be the only destination you'll need to find everywhere you want to know about the game, from the eternals available to play as to the full list of cards that can be collected and assembled into decks.

It's still early days around here and much of the site is still in development, such as build writing and sharing, and more social aspects. Thanks for being here with us at the start.

See you in-game!