Such-and-such feature is missing or broken, what the hell?

We're still building the site! Much like The Amazing Eternals, we're far from complete, and we have many cool things to come. Thanks for being here at the start!

Rough order to what we're planning to complete:

  1. Add currently-available characters
  2. Card database, filterable by character or class
  3. Basic profiles
  4. Basic but functional guide writer and deck builder
  5. Browse and search guides
  6. Ratings and comment systems
  7. Improve the builder, better flow, ability to edit guides, etc.
  8. Advanced user profiles, which tie into...
  9. Player finder (search by playstyle, schedule, etc)
  10. (If APIs become accessible) Start pulling character, card and possibly player stats directly from the servers
  11. (If there's enough demand) Build a public API for other users and bots to fetch our data
  12. (If there's enough demand) Build a Twitch extension for streamers to easily share their decks with viewers

I just signed up, but I can't log in?

Check your email. There's an email in your inbox or spam/junk folder that you'll need; we need to verify accounts to cut down on spam.

How do I make a build?

Sign up! You'll see a big button for creating a new build once you're logged in.

I made a build/guide! But no-one is seeing it.

Builds start off private. If you're happy with it, you need to click the Publish button next to it to make it public.

I have a great idea for the site!

Awesome. Tweet us @keystone_gg or catch SacrilegeGG on Discord.

Oh no! The info for a card or character has changed and needs to be updated.

Nice catch. Same as above, tweet us @keystone_gg or catch SacrilegeGG on Discord with a screenshot so we can update the site, thanks!

Some cards have missing or poor quality artwork?

I'm only able to pull the full quality art for cards I own, as DE have a notoriously PITA file system that's very awkward to pull textures out of — so cards I don't own have placeholder artwork, or screenshotted versions submitted by other players. I don't like it, but I can't do much about it for now!

Why is this site called Keystone?

The Amazing Eternals was originally called Keystone!

The name was changed during the alpha testing phase for better brand visibility and control — doing a quick Google search for Keystone comes up with all sorts of things, whereas searching for The Amazing Eternals comes up with precisely the game you're looking for.

We're sticking with the name for good reason. Keystones still play a vital role in the game — they're the things you capture in fragment fight mode after all! (Also, cash is tight. The sidebar ads literally help put food on our table.)

I'm a derp and forgot my login information, or my password “doesn't work”.

We'll have a password reset function soon. If it's critical, DM us on Twitter with BOTH THE USERNAME AND EMAIL you signed up with and we'll look into it.

How do I format my guide text nicely?

We support major BBCode tags, as well as a few extras specific to our site.

This is [b]bold[/b] text This is bold text This is [i]italic[/i] text This is italic text This is [u]underlined[/u] text This is underlined text This is [s]struckthrough[/s] (deleted) text This is struckthrough (deleted) text This text has a [color=3cabeb]lovely blue[/color] hexadecimal color This text has a lovely blue hexadecimal color This is a link to [url][/url] This is a link to This is a nicer looking [url=]KeystoneGG[/url] link This is a nicer looking KeystoneGG link This is a job for [niia] This is a job for Niia [icon=bristle]